Mini Airfryer

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The Mini Airfryer is the perfect addition to your kitchen. With 5.5L large capacity, 360° transparent view, and 3D hot turbo air circulation, you can easily prepare your favorite dishes. Don't worry about heat, this fryer's unique 8mm high barosilicate glass basket is designed to stay cool. Button high end touch controls and automatic memory protection provide added convenience.

Technical dimensional drawing of Ruokala air fryer, providing precise measurements for customer reference.
Side and top view technical illustrations of Ruokala air fryer basket, detailing the design and dimensions.

Mini Air Fryers Unveiling Top Features & Benefits

Sizzling chicken wings being cooked to perfection in a Ruokala air fryer, exemplifying convenient and healthy cooking.

360° Transparent View

And 3D hot turbo air circulation, you can easily prepare your favorite dishes.

Ruokala air fryer roasting a whole chicken, illustrating the appliance's spacious interior and efficient cooking capabilities.

High end Touch Control

7 Preset Functions : Shrimp, Steak, Fries, Wings, Fish, Chicken, Defrost.

Ruokala air fryer with a transparent detachable basket showcasing the versatility and ease of use.

8mm Child Safety Tempered Glass & Food Grade Tray

Tempered glass are more resistant to breakage and shattering Reducing the risk of injury, breaks into small, less sharp pieces. Food-Safe Material, Safe and Hygienic

Intricate internal mechanics of Ruokala air fryer visible through the transparent door, highlighting the innovative technology.

Easy Cleaning

Dishwasher Safe, Smooth and Non Porous Surface Stain Resistant, Reduces food particles tapped

Heap of crispy golden french fries on a wooden board with a warm ambiance.

Get crispy golden textures on all of your fried favorites with up to 75% less fat* versus traditional frying methods.

Air Fry

Freshly baked brioche loaf with a golden crust, sliced to show soft interior.

Whip up fluffy baked goods for any occasion.


uicy grilled steak with roasted tomatoes and herbs in fine dining presentation.

Make hearty casseroles, roasted veggies, and more.


Master Your Mini Air Fryer with Essential FAQs

Bring out the Passion of Cooking with

our Multiple Cooking Modes

Crispy fried chicken with golden french fries on a wooden platter, a classic comfort food favorite.

Air Fry the healthy way to enjoy your fried food

Enjoy your fried chicken, nuggets , fries with little to no oil. A healthier way of preparing your fried foods without sacrificing the crispy texture.

Juicy grilled steak garnished with herbs and butter, served on a rustic wooden board for a gourmet meal.

Grill your steak perfectly every time

Cook every steak to perfection with Ruokala Nutrix Steam Airfryer. To help you perfect you steak , The Ruokala NutriX Steam Airfryer applies a Air and Steam approach to cook food, resulting in crispy and golden-brown textures on the outside, while maintaining a juicy and tender texture on the inside. It ensures that hot is circulated quickly and evenly throughout the cooking chamber, while excess fat is extracted and collected.

Homemade muffins with nuts on a cooling rack, fresh from the oven and ready to enjoy.

The Benefits of Air fryer Baking

Air fryer baking is becoming increasingly popular as people discover the many benefits of baking in their air fryer. Baking in an air fryer is faster and more convenient than using a conventional oven, especially for small batches, making it the perfect option for busy families or anyone who wants to make a quick sweet treat.

Healthy yogurt parfaits layered with fresh berries and granola, a nutritious and tasty breakfast option.

Natural Homemade Healthy Yogurt

Love Yogurt! Make Yogurt with the Ruokala NutriX Steam Air fryer at the comfort of your home.

Assorted dried fruits including raspberries, orange slices, and bananas in mason jars, perfect for healthy snacking.

Dehydrating fruits using the Air Fryer

Dehydrating fruit in the air fryer is easy, and a great way to preserve your fruit for healthy snacks. It also helps to keep the fruit for much longer, and can be a great way to help prevent food waste.

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