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Elevate your kitchen with Ruokala's air fryers – designed for the health-conscious gourmand in Singapore. Experience the perfect blend of style, efficiency, and culinary excellence.

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Ruokala air fryer cooking crispy chicken, featuring even cooking technology and user-friendly interface.Ruokala air fryer in operation with a warm reddish glow, emphasizing the heat technology for efficient cooking.
Mini Air Fryer Sale price$115.00 SGD Regular price$269.00 SGD
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Ruokala air fryer in action, showcasing the cooking of a succulent lobster to perfection with advanced air frying technology.Premium Ruokala air fryer in operation, steaming fresh seafood, highlighting the appliance's efficient cooking and sleek design.
NutriX Steam Air Fryer Sale price$469.00 SGD Regular price$949.00 SGD
Ruokala air fryer perfectly roasting a chicken with a digital touchscreen interface for easy temperature and timer adjustments.Ruokala air fryer in action, efficiently cooking fries and shrimp, highlighting the appliance's versatility and powerful performance.
Luna Air Fryer Sale price$269.00 SGD Regular price$759.00 SGD