Kitchen Wipes Towel 5 Packs

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Transform your kitchen cleaning routine with our Eco-Friendly Kitchen Wipes Towel, the sustainable choice for environmentally conscious households in Singapore. Made from 100% biodegradable materials, these durable wipes offer superior cleaning power without compromising the planet.

Perfect for a wide range of uses, from wiping countertops to cleaning up spills, our Eco-Friendly Kitchen Wipes Towel combines eco-friendliness with unmatched efficiency, making them a must-have in every Singaporean kitchen.

Kitchen Wipes Towel Unveiling

Top Features & Benefits

Person holding a textured white kitchen paper towel, demonstrating its thickness and quality.

Extra Large Size

Extra Large Size:200*200mm. Double Seal,To ensure mositure of the wipesRemoves oil & stain in 1 sheet.

Close-up of a single water droplet falling from a twisted white kitchen wipes, creating a ripple effect on impact.

Reservoir Sufficient

Contains APG natural decontamination factor

Hand wiping a black non-stick frying pan with a white disposable kitchen wipe.

Comparison with Kitchen Rag

Powerful cleaning, Easy oil removal, One piece at a time ,Use and throw away.

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